Publications and Projects

Since 2004 Michael Goldelman took up the role of a company director at art dealing company Eurasian Art Ltd., based in London, UK, and dedicated most of his time to the research of the objects of ancient art of metalwork belonging to the Eurasian nomads.

The art objects researched and recommended by Michael Goldelman, were sold to private collectors and also acquired by and donated to many important museum collections all over the world, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA; The Morgan Library and Museum in New York, USA; The Israeli Museum and The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, Israel; The Romano-Germanic Museum in Mainz, Germany; The Abegg-Stiftung Museum in Riggisberg, Switzerland; The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar; The Mougins Museum of Classical Art, France; The Corning Museum of Glass, USA; The Miho Museum, Japan; The Kremlin Armory Museum in Moscow, Russia.

While preparing his research on the authenticity and attribution of the objects of ancient art and in particularly specializing on his research on the ancient nomadic metalwork coming from Eurasia, he has been involved with numerous projects as co-author and editor. These include the preparation for the publication of the catalog "Masterpieces of Ancient Eurasian Art. Selected Objects of Gold and Silver from private Western European and North American collections, 6th century BC – 2nd century AD", London-Bonn, 2008. It was primarily written by Dr. Mikhail Treister and Dr. Jack Ogden, edited by Dr. Noel Adams, and executed under his supervision and directions.

He was deeply involved in formation of art collection of medieval Eurasian objects from both the Khazar and the Mongol periods assembled with the assistance of the Mardjani Foundation in Moscow, Russia. They were researched and published in numerous catalogs of different Russian museums' exhibitions: "Classical Art of Islamic World from IX to XIX Centuries. Ninety-nine Names of God", The Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow, 2013; "A Gift to Contemplators. Ibn Battuta's Travels", The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, 2015; "Ibn Fadlan's Journey: Volga Route from Baghdad to Bulghar", exhibited in: The Hermitage Museum Center in Kazan, and published in Moscow, 2016.

He took a part as a consultant and participated in formation of important private collection on ancient art of metalwork (gold, silver and bronze objects) all over the world. Many of these were thereafter exhibited, sold and donated to different museums and institution: